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‘Alo Vera – Brexit’s Comin’ ‘Ome – VE DAY tribute

Parroting Brexit

They do say that if you parrot a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Here are five statements which demonstrate the point:

We have the “best death rate” in Europe for Corona

Trade will be frictionless

There will be no border with Northern Ireland

The NHS is not for sale

We will not have Chlorinated Chicken in the UK

Please write to your MP and ask them to write to Boris Johnson to ask him and his team to stop parroting lies.

Download copies of ‘Alo Vera to help reverse / delay Brexit. Ask your friends to do the same. If enough do it we have a one time opportunity to take back control of mainstream media with our message that this is the worst possible time to Brexit. Click on the images below for the main download options.

Sweet and Sour Brexit

The “Daily Male” offer us an update in immigration, Dominic Cummings, No Deal Brexit, Dancing in Parliament and the death of democracy. Brexit voters have invested 4 years trying to get rid of less than 100 000 EU citizens every year. Now Johnson plans to invite up to 4 MILLION refugees from Hong Kong to Brexit Britain. Oh well, it’s hard to understand all the fuss about Brexit really.

One of two leave voters have become exercised by the dwindling returns on Brexit. Instead of complaining to Johnson, they prefer to complain to me. They have agreed to join a “leaders’ debate” on ZOOM shortly. Some of their comments are below.

Please download our song to reverse Brexit this weekend and tell all your friends to do the same. All details via “Make Brexit History

Gone Fishing

Failure to reach agreement over fishing rights in British waters is likely to harpoon any further progress in Brexit negotiations. So what are the facts behind this dispute?

Watch “The fishing life” made in Cornwall to understand the viewpoints of those who make their livelihood in this industry.  Their ports are picturesque but the work is chancy and dangerous. No wonder fewer and fewer of the children of fishing families want to take to the boats. The boat owners often have to recruit casual labour as crew – migrants, of course! The family that had taken on household debt to pay for a new trawler for their son’s livelihood are taking a bet that his youthful fishing skills are sufficient  to pay off the debt. No wonder then that England’s fishing quota (55% by value) was long ago signed away to foreign companies with deeper pockets.  So the reality of the fishing industry does not fit with leave voter ideas of patriotism about OUR fishing boats in OUR waters. Fisheries’ legislation currently going through Parliament does not envisage buying back the English quota.

23% of this English quota under the EU Common Fisheries policy (CFP) 2014 was owned by a Dutch company, Cornelius Vrolik. The British Government sold this quota. If this deal has to be rescinded under any new fisheries policy, there will be litigation and damages to pay, as investment in trawlers (refrigerated fish factory ships) is expensive. 

There’s a plaice for us

These factory trawlers have been blamed for over-fishing in many parts of the world. This same ship was caught in British waters in 2013 with illegal mackerel (some £500 000 by value, but was fined only some £92 000). The Brexiteer wet fish dream of small family owned boats, similar to those that the tourists see tied up in the pretty ports of West England, is far from the reality of the fishing industry.  What has made many of these boats obsolete for a livelihood from fishing is that the profits are now to be made by the big (mostly foreign-owned) trawlers. In Scotland, by contrast, most of the industry is still in the hands of family-owned smaller boats. This is an argument for a different fishing treaty for Scotland? And if the issue is mostly about nationalistic romanticism for the sea, then it should be noted that the French keep nearly ALL of their quota under French-owned boats.


The North Sea has been suffering from over-fishing for decades, and the CFP has helped to stem this by the varying quotas, so it would certainly be a good idea to adjust quotas on an annual basis. Currently mackerel seems to have disappeared from the shops. So has Nigel Farage …

The one that got away … with Brexit Lies

Government spokesmen herald a new post-Brexit fishing policy of “UK-owned boats” coming to UK ports for fish processing. But if much of the fish are destined for EU markets (We sell 66% of our fish as Brits do not actually buy and eat enough of it) then this just means more truck pollution on British ports and roads – See Fisheries expert on BBC reality check on fishing quotas. Rather than waving the Union Jack over a few small fishing boats, what is needed is serious policy-making and public money for an industry which  currently yields only 0.1% of GDP and employs 24000 workers.

Ask your MP

Where does fishing fit among the priorities of post-Brexit and post-COVID government expenditure?

Should fishing really be the issue to harpoon EU-UK decisions that are urgently needed in other industry sectors?

Brexit’s Comin’ ‘Ome

Whilst we are all wondering when the pubs will open and the football will start again, Nissan announced that they will pull out of UK if Brexit proceeds with tariffs and other trade barriers. Yesterday the Northern Ireland Government also rejected Johnson’s insistence on throwing the people of Ireland under one of his cardboard buses. Oh yes, and Nigel Farage wants Pounds, Shillings and Ounces back … all was reported in “The Sun” …

Please support our continued activism by buying three copies of our song to reverse Brexit. Click on the links below to pre-order copies of ‘Alo Vera – Brexit’s Comin’ ‘Ome … it certainly is coming home … a proverbial crock of sh…t.

Portrait of an unelected leader

On a day marked by the death of democracy where MP’s will not be allowed to vote if they do not attend Parliament, here’s a roundup of material about our unelected leader, whose greatest lie was that the UK is ruled by … er … unelected leaders in Brussels … you know, the ones you voted for last year as MEP’s. The unelected leader does not even have a seat in the house of commons and operates his puppets from a farmhouse in Durham whilst testing his eyesight by driving 60 miles to beauty spots. This is Dominic Cummings.

During his time at the Department of Education, Cummings had a reputation for bullying, shouting and seeking fights with the unions, civil servants teachers staff etc.

Before the referendum, Cummings featured in a debate with Mr Colin Perry, a business spokesman, who got the better of him. After the program, Cummings tried to push Perry down some stairs and at the bottom seized him by the tie and assaulted him.

After the Brexit referendum, Cummings was in flagrant contempt of Parliament for refusing to appear before a Commons committee. He was never punished.

As the insurgent, Cummings spearheaded a highly controversial referendum campaign which claimed Britain could not stop Turkey joining the EU (untrue) and made great play of the £350m-a-week the UK sent to the EU. That was a gross figure (deemed “potentially misleading” by the UK Statistics Authority) that failed to count in Britain’s rebate, as well as EU spending in the UK. 

Fake news

Cummings relished the rows with his opponents and at one point sent an internal email saying: “We do all our best work in the gutter.” Michael Gove sacked him.

In July 2018 the Vote Leave campaign was fined £61,000 by the Electoral Commission for channelling hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Brexit youth group BeLeave allegedly to avoid breaching Vote Leave’s legal £7m spending limit.

The BeLeave group paid just over £675,000 to the Canadian data analytics company, Aggregate IQ. The commission said that BeLeave’s spending was “incurred under a common plan with Vote Leave”. Vote Leave rejected the commission’s findings. Check out our book on changing ingrained beliefs on Brexit.

The use of data was one of the most controversial aspects of the Vote Leave campaign which spent more than a third of its £7m budget on services provided by Aggregate IQ, according to the Commons Digital Select Committee. The company targets ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, with those from the BeLeave group being seen five million times on the social media platform. 

Fake News

Taking back control

Boris Johnson no longer does TV interviews under Cummings unelected executive. Cummings won’t let certain journalists into Downing Street for press briefings. Ministers are no longer permitted to appear on the Today programme on Radio 4. The BBC itself is under attack and will be emasculated, reducing it to the status of Netflix. Even the judiciary is to be reviewed and its power curtailed. Cummings has made Johnson above the law and unable to be held to account. Is this really what Leave voters wanted when they claimed they wanted to remove unelected bureaucrats from Brussels. This is 1930’s Germany – an elected dictatorship that changes the rules to retain power for ever. As then, this will not end well or peacefully. There is reasonable evidence to suggest that Cummings’ statement in the Rose Garden was in fact a legal defence to prevent further action. Please look at this analysis from the Financial Times:

The Lies Have IT

The future?

Dominic Cummings has no respect for our institutions, nor the party he currently leads. He vindictively takes revenge on any that stood in his way before the election, see Emily Maitlis.

The powers of the courts will be restricted to facilitate government without Parliamentary scrutiny.

The Lords may be banished to the north of England.

Ministers are free to bully their civil servants at will but they have to appoint advisors nominated by Cummings, with no choice in the matter. These advisors give Cummings control over what happens in their Departments. They also  meddle in appointments outside Government. A distinguished professor of classics (Mary Beard) was vetoed by No 10 from a trusteeship at the British Museum because of an anti-Brexit tweet which she had written before the election.

Sign the petition to sack Cummings now.

Tweet about it. Write to your MP and ask for action against Cummings.

Infect a friend

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Daily Male

Sign the petition to sack Cummings now.

Tweet about it. Write to your MP and ask for action.

Farming and Brexit

Farming is a big bone of contention for Brexiteers and they like to blame the EU for everything that is wrong with farming.   So, let’s hear from one of those “bloody experts”, damn, it’s a real farmer!!  Read on and you will begin to realise that the farming issue far more complex than it seems.  Moreover, COVID + BREXIT will accentuate our problems of food supply and food security so let’s pull back from the brink.

Without doubt, farming has always been the mainstay of British Economy.  It still is, although the waters have been muddied by added value on manufactured products.  The colonial system also broke the hegemony of farming by bringing in wealth from other parts of the world run by the empire (slavery, mining, fossil fuels etc).  Britain’s GDP was entirely at the mercy of a bad harvest.  In order to offset this, the Corn exchanges were invented, where profit from one year in one part of the farming economy could be invested in another part that would do well.  Over the years this system was perverted as, initially only farmers were allowed to invest in it.  When shareholders no longer had a hold on the land and something to lose the stock exchange became what it is today, no better than a casino, going from boom to bust in a whisker and with the devil taking the hindmost.

Farmers kept the old tradition of investing profit to tide over the next, this is one of the reasons so many of them have conservative values.  It was the only way to keep being able to pay the ploughman: “Oh we will have to sell a few shares this year my dear, the grain price is low”.

With the common agricultural policy payments things became easier.  The banks could afford to give loans to farmers, based on knowing exactly how much they were due to receive from the EU via DEFRA.  This money may have seemed to some, like manna from heaven, and yes, mistakes were made.  Some investments that were far from sensible, but the promise of a certain amount was always there.  The intelligent farmer knew that it was just giving visibility in the long term for his farm.  Banks also knew this.  The golden age.  Banks then pushed for farmers to take out bigger loans with the reining in of EU largesse.  This quickly pinched individual farmers and many went bust (bloody EU bureaucrats etc.  started to require justification of spending before they would give the payments) and this became, and still is, a bone of contention.  It was on the back of the habit of doing such things as ‘bed and breakfasting’ which involved moving sheep across the countryside simply to pick up huge subsidies for each and every farm the flock stayed at.  As with anything, if it is abused, it breaks.  Fines appeared and it seemed that they could take as easily as give or lend.

As always, the small, honest farmer was the one who ended up having to justify the most.  A lot went out of business because the paperwork became unmanageable.  Beef, mutton and pork prices hit a low at about the same time as milk prices: remember those butter mountains.  It was the cereal farmers that seemed to be making the most money.  Now however the cereal prices also collapsed as they are held together by the Chicago stock exchange and are reliant on the world harvest figures and the gold exchange, in dollars, which tells the farmer how much he can expect per tonne.  The accent was solely on production, production per hectare.  Any farm that was not a cereal monoculture was considered an anathema.  Big pharma was selling ever more expensive products to treat the land with.

The Green movement then added its grain of salt, Quality, traceability and ecology was the name of the game and organic produce, a positive move for some of the more proactive farmers but with a massive downside.  The farmer who had overinvested in pig houses because that is where the money to pay for them was going to come from was severely disappointed when the subventions were partially curtailed.  To keep up with the demands of the bankers he had to sell his soul to the commercial platforms who were cutting his margins, often to far below the price of subsistence.

Farms who had invested in Green culture were doing better here, but even they were wondering why it was necessary to have five different cultures on a same farm each and every year instead of just doing a different culture each year.  Any farmer non-compliant with traceability was fined and vilified by the press.  Accused of polluting the environment.

A one size fits all policy was not what was best for British farming and to be frank it was probably an EU policy to send people who had no interest in agriculture into positions of power over farming.  The tech boys had arrived and farming was old hat. 

At the present time the farming budget has been slashed within the EU to promote the digital culture.

It is only with this Corona crisis that the true value of local farm produce is being recognised as farmers are now considered key workers in France, alongside nurses and doctors by necessity.

The farming community in the UK has also always been split between the smallholding (peasant) farmer and the grandee landowning/industrial farmers who often appear to have seats in the Lords or the House of Commons.  Until recently they knew each other and appreciated how each other worked, it was often a younger son of a big estate who did the actual farming.  Pension funds then discovered that they were eligible for EU payments if they owned large tracts of land and the farming family were reduced to the state of employees of ‘Prudential or Sun alliance etc., largely because of inheritance tax at such a high rate.  Money flew to the Cayman Islands and other tax havens and the employees lost their jobs during one of the owner transfers.  All the fault of … Guess who, the dreaded EU!

This is British farming, the behemoth that has to be attacked in the most logical way possible.  A key player is DEFRA (Deafra and Deafer) which decided how EU policy should be applied to the UK.  Full of autocratic bureaucrats with ideological links to Big business.  During the foot and mouth scare thousands of farmers were very badly hit, and those who escaped were probably the worst hit as the damage to the image of British farming was huge.  DEFRA (not the EU) sent in the bulldozers.

Underlining all this is the inescapable fact that the yearly harvest is what sets the tone for the country.  A good harvest equals a good year for everyone; Products can be sold at a high price and excess can be sold abroad, which brings in foreign devises which add to our balance of payments.  Competition and dumping from the US will make any farming uncommercial.  We will have lost our marketplace in the EU and the added value of goods sent abroad will have to be very high indeed to offset the transport and tariff costs.  The land thus released will just become a way of banking money by businesses and may, or may not, be tended by cheaper labour.

Thanks to Alice Boulliez for this.  By now you may have realised that complex problems rarely have a single cause.  Think again about Brexit before it’s too late. If we change Parliamentary Paralysis, we change Brexit.

Order your stickers via www.euflagmafia.co

Take Action : Write to your MP about this. 

Tweet about it.  Share the post on Facebook. Share this poem by Angela Huskisson. Support our work at Rage Against Brexit.

Here Cums The Sun – 01 June

Good grief – Bernard Jenkin – 30 May

Member of the ERG, occasional naturist and far right Conservative Brexiteer Bernard Jenkin wants Dominic Cummings sacked!

Also Damien Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe

However, “Coward of the County”, Greg Clark produced a more muted response, presumably frightened of Cummings’ executive powers as an unelected bureaucrat running the country.

Write to your MP Ask that Dominic Cummings’ resign or be sacked. Keep writing – it’s working. Example letter below:

Parrot Talk

We discovered that a Parrot talked just as much sense as our political leaders …

Parroting Brexit lies

Meanwhile, it turns out that Britain missed out on but also REFUSED three times to participate in an EU scheme to provide aid for Corona from the EU worth €750 BILLION, yes, BILLION. Some rough maths would indicate that we would likely have benefitted to the tune of €50 BILLION as we are disproportionately affected as one of the “leading nations” re COVID deaths in the world. That’s considerably more than the €39 BILLION Brexit bill. Our Government put the Brexit ideology before the health of the nation. Tell that to people dying unnecessarily from COVID. A parrot would have more intelligence, even a cat.

Write to your MP. Point out that Dominic Cummings’ actions are still outside the guidelines and that he must resign or be sacked. These letters are working and we must sustain the effort. Ask for Brexit to be suspended in the wake of Corona crisis.

Connect with Pets V Brexit on You Tube.

Cummings Feel The Noize

We approach ONE MILLION signatures on the petition but still Boris Johnson prefers to protect his house elf rather than putting the health of the people first. Please sign and share the petition to remove Cummings and restore some decency to our politics.

Keep writing, keep on keeping on

My day is filled with people telling me there is no point resisting by writing to MP’s, contacting the press or sharing stuff. Well here is some proof that this stuff works. I am sure that the vast majority of good Germans must have said in 1938:

“Adolf is a nice chap. He likes dogs and looks a bit like Charlie Chaplin. He would not do anything awful if we look away …”

Letter 1 is from my MP Rehman Chishti. It is measured, Yet he has raised the matter with the PM. We must remember that Rehman is a career politician who prefers to get photos of him cutting ribbons and kissing babies so this is significant. He does not need to reply since he has a safe seat. So we are grateful that he has.

Letter 2 is from a Labour MP in Hammersmith. It is more expansive in its content and somewhat clearer in communications.

Write to your MP. Point out that Dominic Cummings’ actions are still outside the guidelines and that he must resign or be sacked. Ask for Brexit to be suspended in the wake of Corona crisis.

Send replies to your local press so that others can become involved.

Join us every evening on ZOOM to find out how you can have a part in “Making Brexit History” – invite link here.


This is a video we recorded on the street at my home. The neighbours are still talking to me !!

Join us every evening on ZOOM to find out how you can have a part in “Making Brexit History” – invite link here.

Write to your MP Point out that Dominic Cummings’ actions have degraded the political capital of the Tory party to unprecedented levels. Ask for Brexit to be suspended for two years in the wake of Corona crisis per the offer of Michel Barnier and the EU.


Matt Hancock has moved from a STAY INDOORS message to a STAY OUTDOORS message today. This is because Boris Johnson is keen to maintain popularity by opening the pubs in summer as the “cornerstone of British culture”. Meanwhile more Tory MP’s are calling for Dominic Cummings’ resignation and “BIG BEAST” Amber Rudd has joined the call.

Join us tonight on ZOOM to join a unique project to Make Brexit History

We are encouraged to “move on“. Yet another tactic of distraction along with some supposedly good news about pubs opening to increase the spread of Corona. It’s all reported in “The Sun”. Meanwhile, the EU have generously offered us a two-year suspension of Brexit, so that we don’t need to expose Britain to “Britastrophe” by Brexit + Corona.

Write to your MP Point out that Dominic Cummings’ actions have degraded the political capital of the Tory party to unprecedented levels. Ask for Brexit to be suspended for two years in the wake of Corona crisis per the kind offer of Michel Barnier.

Support Emily Maitlis by signing the petition and sending a message of support to the BBC.

Here Cums “The Sun”

“The Sun” reports on the unfolding story of the mysterious world of Dominic Cummings as Robert Jenrick hosts a car crash interview on Radio 4 telling us to “move on”. Jenrick also ruled out a review of the 100 000 fines issued to drivers who broke lockdown rules whilst Cummings walks free. Yesterday Matt Hancock promised a full review. Jenrick also lied on the programme. For clarity:

“Short journeys for exercise were actually allowed at the time” – Jenrick

On 12th April 2020, they categorically were not

In other news, Cummings joins the Inbetweeners to deride the general public for their stupidity in following lockdown rules and a new rule for the highway code is produced to cover partially sighted drivers …

The public are stupid – Cummings

Write to your Conservative MP. Point out that Dominic Cummings’ actions have degraded the political capital of the Tory party to unprecedented levels. Ask for Brexit to be suspended in the wake of Corona crisis. Here is a sample letter you can use or adapt.

Dear xxx,

I am certain that I will not be the only one writing to you to criticise 
the behaviour of Dominic Cummings and the fact that he has not 
apologised, or resigned, or been sacked.

The message at the time was STAY AT HOME.    I simply do not believe 
that a man of his status could not find childcare in London and the 
description of the trip to Barnard Castle, to see if his eyesight was 
good enough to drive to London, was quite frankly unbelievable.

There will be so many of your constituents who have made such massive 
sacrifices during the lockdown: I know some who have.  My lifelong 
friend’s partner died of Covid-19 and of course I was unable to support 
her at his funeral. I am sure most people now know someone who has died 
from it.

STAY AT HOME was the message.  Very, very clear.   I am not going to go 
through the details of what Dominic Cummings did, though whatever the 
legal niceties of it, surely it was his job to model correct behaviour 
for the rest of us?   The fact that he has kept it quiet until now 
clearly suggests that he knew it was wrong.

The Government’s credibility has been completely undermined. Dominic 
Cummings must either resign or be sacked. At the same time the prospect of adding Brexit to Corona fills me with dread. Please suspend the process. This is not the time to add Constitutional catastrophe to Conservative chaos.

Very best wishes

Your name

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