Rage Against the Brexit Machine

The Brexit Referendum was won by naked populism … We are fighting populism with pop music. We will fight them on the beaches, with our DJs, dancefloors and decks. Our turntables will turn the tables on Brexit. We shall never surrender”

Peter Cook, Leader of Rage Against The Brexit Machine

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Rage Against The Machine is a project to re-ignite the conversation about Brexit with tired Remainers and Leavers in regret.  Check our songs out:

Pants to Brexit” –  A Eurovision song for Remaining in the EU with a reformed relationship

Jacob Rees-Moog” – An 18th Century Tory Synthpop Trance Floor Groove …

No, Jeremy Corbyn” – A Hard Rock song for Hard Times under Hard Brexit … let’s persuade Jezza to get off those Brexit steroids !

Coming Soon: DO THEY KNOW IT’S BREXIT? : The Album!!!

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Engage with friends on Social Media using hashtags #StopBrexit #BrexitRage #TOTP

Since you’re here …

… we have a small favour to ask. Sharing our videos is great but it don’t pay da bills.  If you want to screw Brexit populism through pop music please support us by donating to our Go Fund Me site where you can find a host of offers from simple donations through to special editions and sponsorship offerings to help us continue our work.  Click the logo to donate now or ask a friend.

Rage Against The Brexit Machine ℗ & © Peter Cook 2018

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