Civil Disobedience

A catastrophe of epic proportions is about to engulf the entire United Kingdom. We, as a nation, are about to make the worst mistake that has ever been made, in peacetime, throughout the course of our long history. Despite this looming disaster, the majority of our citizens are blithely going about their daily business, either blissfully ignorant of the imminent calamity – or choosing to ignore the havoc and devastation that is fast approaching.

On the basis of a narrow majority in a plebiscite, called for no good reason and based upon lies, disinformation, phoney appeals to “patriotism” and no knowledge of its real implications, our present “Government” is hell-bent on removing the UK from the large trading-bloc that has been our economic salvation for nearly half a century. I am speaking, of course, of “Brexit”.

When we were forced, by dire necessity, to join the EEC (now the European Union) in 1973, the UK had become widely known as “the poor man of Europe”. Since then, our economy has grown, our industries have become productive, small businesses have flourished, unemployment and poverty have fallen to their lowest levels in modern times and our National Debt has gradually diminished.

It seems that, in the last forty years, idealism has been replaced by materialism – and the pursuit of Lamborghinis has seemed more important than the pursuit of social justice.

Recently, the famously restrained International Monetary Fund reported that “ALL likely Brexit scenarios would entail costs, but a disorderly departure could lead to a significantly worse outcome”. Michael Gove would like us to believe that “We’ve had enough of experts” – but we ignore these experts at our own peril.

One of the saddest aspects of this whole Brexit fiasco is that it is precisely those who live in the poorest, the most marginalised and the most deprived areas of the UK who voted most enthusiastically to Leave the EU. And it is precisely these people who will be hardest hit by Brexit. They were told by lying politicians that their woes were caused by the EU. They were not. The neglect of and contempt for the poorest in our society was the sole responsibility of successive British governments. Indeed, it is the EU that has been funding development and income-generation in our most deprived communities. That funding will soon be gone.

All this progress is about to be snatched away from us by one foolish blunder. It will begin to be undone at the stroke of midnight on the 29th of March 2019. Wake up!

These pages are devoted towards the aim of civil disobedience against Brexit. Find us on Facebook at Civil Disobedience. Some things you can do to make our Government wake up are listed below:

Physical Grafitti – from chalking, stickers and so on

Money, Money, Money – non payment of taxes

Life’s a Riot – Strikes, Sit-Ins, Demonstrations etc.

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