A brief history of protest

Protest has changed over the years.  Some young people seem to think it is about clicking the “unlike” button on Facebook or producing a few memes or even rock songs!!  Clicks and Pics matter but they are insufficient to overturn a coup d’etat such as Brexit, supported by dark money. It’s worth reminding ourselves of a brief history of protest in so far as it informs what we should now do to stop Brexit …

A number of ineffectual attempts have been made to avert the coming BC “Brexit Cataclysm”. Petitions have been launched and ignored. Inconclusive debates have been held in obscure corners of Parliament. Legal challenges have been brought before the courts. None of these tactics have the power to prevent the self-inflicted harm that will be the outcome of “Brexit”.

In many other countries, the people would have taken to the streets in massive numbers to protest against and to prevent this national suicide. There have, indeed, been a few polite, family-friendly marches against Brexit. They have mostly been ignored by the media and have been totally ignored by the leading politicians in both of our major political parties.  We need stronger medicine!

There is a dangerous myth, current even among people who should know better, that “the British don’t do that sort of thing”. Our history tells a different story – a story that flatly contradicts this fabrication. Here are some examples. Read Wikipedia for more details.

  • The Peasants’ Revolt
  • The Jacobite Uprisings
  • The Hunger Marches
  • The Suffragettes
  • CND
  • The Anti-Vietnam War demonstrations
  • The Miners’ Strike
  • The Poll-Tax riots

In April 2018, the whole populace of Armenia took to the streets for 11 consecutive days of protest. The country ground to a halt and the Prime Minister was forced to resign. At this late stage, nothing but “the Armenian solution” can prevent the social and economic maelstrom that will surely hit the UK if “Brexit” is permitted to proceed. Only massive, sustained, widespread and vigorous protest can now prevent Brexit.

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