A Brief History Of Martyrdom

We have no current “Brexit martyrs” offering to chain themselves to railings, go on hunger strikes and so on and indeed we live in a society where “relative comfort” and the rule of law prevents people from taking desperate measures.  There are of course safer forms of martyrdom that people might consider and we invite you to be inspired by a brief history of the artform or just to gaze and reflect upon the decline in humanity that has followed our Brexit referendum …

Socrates chose death over escape, as in so doing he chose to die for what he believed in.

Thomas More beheaded for refusing to acknowledge Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the Church of England.  Seems rather relevant with respect to our Governments attempts to take back complete control … 🙂

Stephen Biko killed for his anti-Apartheid activism

Martin Luther-King was assassinated in 1968 for his leadership of the Civil Rights Movement

Jo Cox was murdered in 2016 for opposing racism

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