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‘Alo Vera – Brexit’s Comin’ ‘Ome – VE DAY tribute

Weekly Lie Detector

It’s an almost continuous flow this week … hold on to your butts. Thanks are due to Sarah Bennett for this post and to Arno Elout for bringing it to our attention.

The R rate goes up but the R rate is no longer important, despite being “really important” last week.

Matt Hancock claims a “protective ring” was thrown around care homes from the start. This is found to be a lie.

Thérèse Coffey criticises scientists for the high number of care home deaths.

We see a rise in cases linked to VE Day parties.

Our Government lowers food standards during a pandemic.

Johnson goes AWOL again.

Priti Patel removes freedom of movement from 67 million citizens, because a few Brits don’t like foreigners coming to the UK.

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

The day after this “is done”, Prince Charles begs the nation to “pick for Britain’, otherwise it has no food, because no one wants to come to Britain to work on farms.

Priti Patel tells foreign “low skilled” care workers & nurses they can’t come anymore because they don’t earn enough money.

Foreign nurses and doctors who do earn enough to come then have to pay to use the NHS, even though they pay tax and NI like everyone else and actually work for the NHS. The day after, Patel reluctantly agrees to cut the requirement. It remains unclear as to whether repayments will be backdated. They appear not to apply to “essential workers” such as porters and ancillary staff.

George “Useless” Eustace who owns a fruit farm goes on TV to beg people to pick for Britain otherwise we’ll have no food. He launches the new website, “Pick for Britain“, which crashes within 3 minutes of opening.

Teachers get crucified by the press for not being prepared to die like NHS staff have done. Johnson starts to use the word “sacrifice” as a euphemism for people who die because they don’t have the proper equipment to do their jobs in safety.

Robert Buckland admits that the NHS was prioritised over care homes, contradicting everything Matt Hancock said.

Scientists say that kids can’t go back until we have track and trace in place. The Government admit that this won’t happen until well after kids have gone back.

The contract for track and trace is awarded to Serco who have core competences in running leisure centres … badly. Serco’s first act is to leak the personal details of its contact tracers

Trump claims he’s taking Hydroxychloroquine, so the UK government orders millions of pounds worth ‘just in case’ it works. This is “Trump science”.

Johnson manages to give a Knighthood to a dear old man on Thank A Teacher Day who walked round his garden to raise money for an NHS starved of cash for a decade and everyone cheers and ignores all the other stuff.

Boris Johnson offers a knighthood to Tom Moore to detract from thousands of people dying due to incompetence and a deliberate herd immunity policy.

In a brief appearance at PMQ’s, Johnson blames clinicians for releasing untested elderly patients into care home homes.

Boris Johnson fails to answer Kier Starmer’s simple question why the government failed to track and trace since the outbreak of COVID.

Would you like an honest Government?

Write to your MP  Ask them to suspend Brexit, pending the end of Corona and a full scientific evaluation of the benefits on offer from Brexit.

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