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I am trying to prevent people dying by making constructive suggestions as to how deaths could be reduced. The following are not valid reasons to stop me trying to do this:

1. Boris Johnson is trying his best. He has been working hard ever since he became Prime Minister (He hasn’t).

2. There’s a picture of BJ looking a bit wrecked from 16 years ago. (your point is…?).

3. No-one foresaw this epidemic (They did). We were focused on minting 50 pence coins and bonging big ben when we should have been preparing. This has cost lives.

4. Boris is following the science. (He is not, SAGE is secret and infected by Dominic Cummings and has been attended by Cummings associates with commercial interests. Good science involves publishing results so that other scientists can comment).

5.Other Governments would have done just as badly. (Not if they hadn’t run down stocks of PPE).

6. We should not compare with other countries (like the UK Government did until the comparisons became embarrassing).

7. Many other Governments around the world are doing just as badly, (They aren’t).

8.. BJ has had coronavirus himself. (He infected himself and probably others, weakened the hygiene message, and by his example – that shaking hands was ok – has probably caused many more deaths).

9. “Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who, this is supposed to be a happy occasion”. (Michael Palin’s character).

10 BJ has just had a baby. See point 9.

11. The guidance is clear. (Have a look at the Tories who have contradicted themselves explaining it).

12. “I just love Boris” (That’s your problem).

13. “But he has a cheeky grin”. (These are actual quotes, I’m not making this up).

14.”He’s not as bad as Trump.” (Ok, you’re saying he might be only the second-worst leader?)

15. “This is not the time” (So we should wait until there have been hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths before suggesting improvements? See The Independent May 13th).

16, He is our appointed leader and we should obey him (Yes we’ll stay within the law, but that doesn’t mean we cannot make constructive suggestions; this is not North Korea).

17. The Government is all working together. (See YouTube).

18. He is inspiring and people will follow his lead. (There is some truth in this, and so he should be leading us in the right direction).

19. His heart is in the right place and we know that he has the good of the country as his first priority (We know from his actions and appointments that he ignores Conflicts of Interest).

20. We can trust Boris Johnson. (He is the most deceitful Prime Minister in my lifetime, and we all know he cannot sue anyone who says that about him – it is objectively provable)..

Thank you to Mike Cashman for this.

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