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‘Alo Vera – Brexit’s Comin’ ‘Ome – VE DAY tribute

The Return of the Giant Hogweed

I awoke to the “shocking news” that the giant hogweed is back. Yes, the giant hogweed! Even more disturbingly, Alan Titchmarsh suggests planting marigolds, due to the late gardening season. Meanwhile, in other news, Brexit continues and we approach 60 000 Corona deaths in the UK if numbers are properly counted. Here’s some of the real news:

1. UK Government has not filed any proposals for our future relationship with the EU. The EU has filed a full negotiation text for discussion.

2. Fish are back on the menu at Brussels. Once again we only tabled our proposals last week. After Brexit, Britain wishes to sell “British fish” to the EU single market but does not wish to make any concessions on our shared waters with Europe. We are back to “having our fishcake and eat it too”. It’s a case of “Catch the fish, keep the fish”. Tweet about it … Cod Only Knows.

3. Some workers who are asked to go back to work are not classified as workers and therefore have no rights. These include couriers, private hire drivers etc. UK deviates from the higher standards operated in Europe on employee protection to their ultimate peril under COVID.

Kier Starmer has made an unimpressive start to his leadership by refusing to support moves to delay Brexit until the Corona crisis is over. We hope that he will summon more courage to challenge Johnson in the coming weeks. Help him do so by writing to Mr Starmer.

But, the hogweed, the hogweed. It’s coming …

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