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Us and Them

A black man in Manchester was tasered by police in front of his visibly distressed four year old child because he was taking a “non-essential journey”. The child will be permanently scarred for life, having probably thought that the police had killed his dad. However, the nation is being asked to “have sympathy for Dominic Cummings’s parental instincts” according to Boris Johnson. If you are not clear about why Cummings must be sacked, please read the articles below this one.

Was there any need to drive 540 miles to find childcare? Have you driven 540 miles to find childcare? It seems that Cummings also had access to a vibrant network of help and support on his own doorstep in Islington. There are a variety of reports that say that he did not isolate whilst in Durham county infected with Corona, visiting local beauty spots.

Meanwhile 15 Tory MPs, some bishops and NHS workers have started “Rage Against Cummings” today. This song seems apt.

I mentioned yesterday that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is just the beginning … keep on writing to your MP and tweeting them to hold them to account.

Arrogant and offensive

In an unprecedented move, the UK Civil Service just called Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings “arrogant and offensive”. The tweet was deleted almost instantly. Happily we have a copy here and would ask that you spread it widely.

Boris Johnson said that Dominic Cummings needed to travel 540 miles to find the right kind of childcare. Ask Johnson what exactly is the “right kind of childcare”? Does one have to travel 540 miles to find it?

Even Nigel Farage and Steve Baker from the 1922 Committee called for Cummings removal.

Ask your MP to explain how it was right for parents not to be able to see their children who died of COVID, but Dominic Cummings saw it fit to drive 540 miles on a whim to break lockdown.

Here is a template letter you may wish to adapt:

Dear xxx,

To anyone valuing British democracy, Dominic Cummings’ tenure at No 10 as chief advisor has been controversial. His blatant breach of lockdown rules is the final straw, demonstrating that there is one law for the PM’s friends and another for the rest of us, His excuse does not hold water at a time when tens of thousands have had to face excruciating situations involving  vulnerable loved ones but still had to abide by the rules. He has set an example which every irresponsible egoist can cite for breaking them in future. Cummings must go.

Yours sincerely

Your Name

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