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Governed by morons

From our scout in Tunbridge Wells.

On 16 May, Culture Minister, Oliver Dowden, was replying to questions for the government on Radio 4. He was asked why the congestion charge was being re-imposed in London when Ministers were discouraging commuters from using public transport to go to work. He babbled on about working at home, cycling  and how the government was building new cycle lanes. Dowden could only gibber when asked how cycle lanes would help people who were required to get to London if they lived 20-30 miles outside London. As an aside, I have cycled to London. It took 5 hours each way, not consistent with working 9-5. In case Dowden is confused, here is some information:

The minister was then asked about Labour ’s proposals to change the immigration act to permit recruitment of lower paid workers such as hospital porters and cleaners from overseas. He replied, referring to the policy of wanting only the brightest and best from overseas and cited the referendum slogan “Take Back Control” as justification for their immigration policy, a clear case of Brexit ideology over common sense.  Are porters and cleaners non-essential workers then?

Even in normal times, the situation was bad. Two years ago, my wife accompanied her friend to a hospital for a cancer operation. When the time came they were addressed by a man who turned out to be the surgeon carrying out the operation. He asked my wife to help him take her friend down to the operating theatre on a trolley since they were short of hospital porters! Are the worlds brightest and best going rush to the  UK to rectify this situation?

Can we trust this Government to deliver Brexit?

Please tweet your MP : Governed by Morons Ask for Cummings to resign and for honest Government. Is it too much to ask for?

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