April 20 : “In Limbo” : Voices for Europe

“In Limbo” is a poignant piece of music inspired by the book of the same name, to highlight the desperate plight of EU Citizens left in uncertainty and fear for their futures, due to vacillation and abuse by our Government during the Brexit negotiations. Check out the In Limbo book for the full stories of tragedy, hope, hopelessness and hate which have characterised our divided nation since June 24 2016.

In Limbo gathered voices from all over Europe and as far afield as Thailand to tell the tales of people’s experiences of being treated as “Citizens of Nowhere”. In Limbo is truly an international effort and it has been a Herculian task to assemble the piece of work. Voices for Europe comprise some 30 + people on the song which gave the songwriter Peter Cook a whopping 124 + tracks to assemble and mix.

In Limbo will be available in three formats : a poignant slow 5 minute dance track, a radio friendly 3 minute version and a full length 10 minute epic version of the song, featuring an ambient tranced out section with micro testimonies from all the Voices for Europe who contributed to the project.


Our ambition is to achieve chart success with the song.  In doing so, to achieve wider awareness of the needs of this group of people, the In Limbo project and, indeed the plight of all 65 million UK citizens caught In Limbo by our self-harming Brexit project. If you can help with publicity please get in touch with me directly. We need:

  • Celebrity and political endorsements to give the song global visibility. A dream list would include Guy Verhofstadt, Bob Geldof, Gina Miller, Adele, Ed Sheeran, A.C. Grayling, Chuka Umunna, Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg, Mick Jagger, Paloma Faith, Billy Bragg, Femi Oluwole et al.
  • Press coverage to balance the current Brexit obsession of UK media
  • Social media sharing via an army of people on the In Limbo All Stars Page and, of course
  • 10-20 000 downloads of the songs from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play to propel it into the charts and thus “take back control” of our Brexit obsessed populist media machine. All downloads on all platforms count towards chart success, so ideally all 3 formats on all major platforms, less than a couple of cups of coffee or a beer

Find the full Rage Against The Brexit Machine catalogue at the Brexit Rage website Connect on social media via Facebook and Twitter. A press release is available on request.

Release date is set for Friday April 20 worldwide

Listen to the In Limbo Demo at SoundCloud

Contact Peter Cook for more details via peter@academy-of-rock.co.uk + 44 (0) 7725 927585


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