Exit Brexit : A Chas & Dave Mockney Brexit Knees Up

Exit Brexit will help put an end to Brexit, designed specifically to impact the man and woman on the street who have largely been unmoved by graphs, data and elaborate arguments about stopping Brexit.  This includes leave voters in regret and remainers who think we must follow “the will of the people”.  Both groups exhibit what psychologists call “learned helplessness”.  Please follow the link to Bandcamp to buy the song now and to Go Fund Me and support in any way you can.

The song, written in the Chas & Dave “Mockney” style, will help persuade Brexiteers in regret and weary Remainers that Brexit is a “Dogs Dinner”.  Here’s the chorus line. Imagine “Margate” by Chas & Dave sung in an East End pub with punters soaked in Watneys’ Red Barrel and cockles …

“I’m really sick of Brexit
Why don’t you fade away
I wanna find the exit
Please ‘elp me Mrs May”

and one of the verses …

“Well I’ve bin’ tryin’ to score some drugs for my dia-betes
But I still can’t buy no bog roll for me Brexit faeces
And I can’t afford a flight to Maracheeses (fake Spanish resort)
I might as well kick the bucket in Lyme Regis”

Songwriter Peter Cook said of Exit Brexit:

“I note with disappointment that the man / woman reading The Sun/ Mail / Express in my local cafe are unmoved by the clever arguments of academics, thought leaders and celebs who want to Remain.  A quick read of these papers is a good education of how these people think. As someone who is both a clever bastard and whose soul was saved by Rock’n’Roll, I believe we must reach out to these communities using language and methods they understand and engage with.  They were mis-sold Brexit, are demonstrating “buyers remorse” but don’t believe that Brexit can or should be halted due to the “will of the people” mantra. Our song makes the fact that Brexit can be stopped using the medium of clever pop music which bites. Would you Adam and Eve it?”


We will be approaching Danny Dyer (Eastenders) and John Altman (Nick Cotton) to give the song that ring of Bow Bells.  Check your mince pies and see what’s on offer …

* Buy the song for just a bin lid (£1.00) donation or more, according to your wishes or purse

* Just donate whatever you feel towards the recording costs – it would help us recover all the costs  incurred in making the “Rage Against The Brexit Machine” catalogue.  A Paul McKenna would be great, a pony even better !

* Help finance our recording session with Danny Dyer or John Altman (a meet and greet will be included if we succeed) – This will include a pampering day at the studio – we need £3000, 6 monkeys or 3 bags of sand for this – you will be refunded if we don’t meet the goal

* Be part of the “Mockney Brexit Choir” as a piece of history – A ton (£100) buys you a day in a studio in Kent – we need ideally ten people for this – you will be refunded if we don’t get enough people to form a choir

* Appear in the video for the song – one day in September on location in the East End of London if there are sufficient backers – we need £4000, two Jeffrey Archers or eight monkeys for this – you will be individually refunded if we don’t meet the goal

Only fools and horses still want Brexit ….

Check the existing Rage Against Brexit album out at RAGE


“Hey, you!” [Holds up Chlorinated Chicken] “See these mate? 5p cheaper than yours down the market.”

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