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The Brexit Referendum was won by naked populism … We are fighting populism with pop music. We will fight them on the beaches, with our DJs, dancefloors and decks. Our turntables will turn the tables on Brexit. We shall never surrender”

Peter Cook, Leader of Rage Against The Brexit Machine

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Rage Against The Machine are fighting Brexit populism with pop music. They are to produce a Christmas Charity single “Do They Know It’s Brexit?“. Some of our releases:

In Limbo for all “Citizens of Nowhere” inspired by the book of the same name

Pants to Brexit is a Europop dance floor classic.

No, Jeremy Corbyn is a Brexit Swamp Blues grind.

Jacob Rees-Moog is an 18th Century Synthpop Tory Trance groove.

Members of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band contributed the song Way To Know to the project. Rage Against The Brexit Machine will bring back Cool Britannia and turn the tables on Brexit. Help fund this mammoth task via Rage Against The Brexit Machine. We’d like to teach the world to sing a new song about Britain’s role in global business world:

“Music reaches our heads, hearts and souls and we plan to reconnect tired Remoaners and Leavers in regret with our songs “Pants to Brexit”, “Jacob Rees Moog” and “No Jeremy Corbyn” in ways that politicians only dream of”

The first three tracks in the project – Click to listen on iTunes

Peter Cook began his Brexit resistance singing satirical covers of classic songs to Theresa May outside Downing Street with The No 10 Vigil, including such well known “hits” as Bowie’s “Brexit Oddity”, The DUP folk classic “The Wild Brexiter” and Breggae roots song “Brexodus”. As well as his musical activity, Peter helped introduce Sir Richard Branson to Gina Miller’s campaign to restore sanity in the UK in his other life as a business consultant and author.“Rage Against The Brexit Machine” is his latest project is to crash the UK Top 40 with a stream of singles and an album. Working with NUB Records, Guinness Book of Records’ award winner RATBM have the support of Jon Morter who successfully knocked Simon Cowell off the Number One slot with Rage Against The Machine.

For an exclusive interview, please contact Peter on 07725 927585 e-mail We are aiming for No 1 to “Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain”.

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Engage with friends on Social Media using hashtags #StopBrexit #BrexitRage #TOTP

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… we have a small favour to ask. Sharing our videos is great but it don’t pay ‘da bills.  If you want to screw Brexit populism through pop music please support us by donating to our Go Fund Me site where you can find a host of offers from simple donations through to special editions and sponsorship offerings to help us continue our work.  Click the logo to donate now or ask a friend.

Rage Against The Brexit Machine ℗ & © Peter Cook 2017

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