Satirical Songs About Brexit

As part of our work on the street we also satirised a number of classic pop and rock songs plus some spoken word stuff and radio interviews.  Here is a small selection:

NE For Europe

Jacob Rees-Mogg – Valentine’s Day

Last Train to Brexit Central !!

Brexit Oddity : David Bowie – long intro !! Song starts around 1’30”

Whiskey in the Jar : repurposed to Nigel Farage and the DUP

Strong & Stable : Theresa May interviewed

A marvellous guest piece from Westdal and Hayward : Jacob Rees Mogg

The Brexit Monologues – The Brexit Pub Landlord speaks

Where do you go to my lovely : Peter Sarstedt : a psychological analysis of Theresa May

A little respect : Erasure : No satire, just pure musical celebration of Gay Pride

You ain’t seen Brexit yet : BTO : BBC News item – the ONLY TV coverage given to the Lib Dems in the 2017 Snap General Election – this piece was a much longer item but we only captured a slice

Since you are here, please support our work via Exit Brexit.

German TV at No 10 Downing Street – item starts around 6 minutes in

No, Jeremy Corbyn live at the Lib Dem party conference

France 3 TV on Downing Street

Rockin’ in the Free World : Neil Young : Not satire, just hard rock for hard Brexit

To Have and To Have Not : Billy Bragg : Not satire, shining the light on food shortages under Brexit

Brexit Oddity : Performed at Bowie’s memorial in Brixton

Perfect Day : Lou Reed : A song about heroin addiction : needed no changes for Brexit addiction

A car crash interview with UKIP : NOT SATIRE but real life comedy !!

The Bank of England ROCKS 

An interview with Nigel Farage, in disguise as “unemployed merchant banker David Smith” : starts around 8’30” and also a hoax call from “David” at around 5 minutes into the show

No 10 Vigil Musical Collage : Great times with (mostly) great people

The Brexit Monologues II

Since you are here, please support our work via Exit Brexit.

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