No, Jeremy Corbyn – A Swamp Blues Grind

“No, Jeremy Corbyn” asks Jezza to come off his “Brexit steroids” in a piece of hard rock satire. Written by Peter Cook with lyrical assistance from Jane Berry, the song was recorded by Madeleina Kay, Gareth Dylan Smith and Doug Grannell at Bernie Torme’s studio in darkest Kent. Bernie was guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan and produced the single for worldwide release on NUB Records.

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No, Jeremy Corbyn took it’s influence directly from the coal mine and the swamp with inputs from John Lee Hooker, Jimi Hendrix, Psychedelic Rock, Nirvana, Bernie Torme and a sneaky quote from Prince in the middle section of the song …

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Rage Against The Brexit Machine ℗ & © Peter Cook 2017

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