Prose and Cons – Poems Against The Brexit Machine

We have produced a book of Brexit inspired poetry … called Prose and Cons : Poetry Against The Brexit Machine. The book includes song lyrics and poems written vexed by Brexit and insane about Remain. The idea is to reach people’s visceral centres – to penetrate their heads through their hearts and their ar…es – no spreadsheets, no graphs, no infographics … well there may be one or two of Madeleina Kay’s word pictures about the benefits of EU membership …

Brexit was fuelled by a heady cocktail of naked populism, lies, and a large wad of dirty cash. Brexit will be ended by a more thoughtful version of popular activism. Our Huguenot poster-boy for Brexit and Trump, Nigel Farage, told us to vote with our hearts. This was code for ‘Don’t think’, and we fell for it. Now the people have thought about it for nearly eighteen months and our heads are telling us,‘Don’t do this.’

Moreover, our excuse for a government still cannot explain the motive for the Brexit crime. They cannot tell us which version of Brexit we are aiming for – clean, dirty, black, blue, retro, trance, dance etc. – nor point to any significant benefits of leaving the EU. Indeed, it has become plain that Brexit offers us a bleak future of privatised health and social care; unprotected employment conditions; a servile economy of low wages; environmental rape; and a Brexodus of major industries from the UK.

However, as any marketer will tell you, our hearts rule our heads, especially when we have already made a decision and may look silly if we are seen to change our minds. So, we are currently trapped with our politicians on nearly all sides like the proverbial frog in a pan, which fails to register the gradual increase in temperature until it is boiled to death. I believe that it is always a mistake to remain silent when what you are doing is fundamentally wrong. However, many people do not believe they now have the right to right the wrong that was Brexit. These include fatigued Remain voters and Leavers in quiet regret. How then do we unlock the paralysis that has gripped our parliamentary decision makers? Well, there are no magic bullets and we need a veritable tsunami of initiatives in the absence of a coherent Remain movement. The poets and writers in this book are making their own small contribution to the cause via Prose and Cons.

Is the water warm?

Here’s a sample poem from Robert Cunliffe


Mighty Blighty, 
Plucky, sprightly, 
Defender of the real,

Goes abroad
With wooden sword 
And always seals the deal.

Tommy Gun. 
We’re number one.
We were, are, always will be.

Those Brussels boys
Won’t see our ploys.
They’ll sign our free trade treaty.

Bully Beef,
With no front teeth,
It’s all ours for the taking;

Whilst bureaucrats
Put on their acts,
We’ll bring home the bacon.

Heroic, stoic,
Have a go-ic,
We are a one-off nation,

Every night I 
Just thank God
That we are not Croatian.

Mighty Blighty,
Lord Almighty,
Oh, what doughty foes!

We’ll batter them
On beaches,
Come hail, rain, wind or snow!

Iran, Japan,
Whatever sticky wicket,

We’ll see off
Johnny Foreigner.
We are the winning ticket.

Hand on heart,
Heart on sleeve,
No need here for a breather,

We’re fighting fit.
We take no shit.
We take no prisoners either.

In towns, in tents,
In Bruges or Ghent,
Wherever we may be,

Battalions of
Our stallions 
Will breeze to victory.

What a carry on …

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