The Biggest Loser

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Electro Indie band The Boy From Space have penned a ska track about a ‘Leave’ voter that has possibly changed their mind based on the truth slowly coming out in the press. This is the start of RATBM’s 2018 release schedule with a new single, album and gigs to come in 2018 on Nub Music.  The song features the melody line of the hymn “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind” segued with ska in an unholy cocktail fit for a Prime Minister of Sound. The lyric to “The Biggest Loser” is a bittersweet and ironic throwback to a fictional golden age before the EU “took our country away” …. where did it go to though … ???

“This is the music that everybody needs to have pumped into their brains so they can at least say they listened to something different once in their dull grey lives.”   Aled Jones – Glasswerk

“What’s outstanding about “The Biggest Loser” is its reach into the mind of the leave voter in the same way that Billy Bragg’s “Full English Brexit” does.  Added to that the song motif takes us back to an age which many of us find comfortable, like a warm blanket.  Of course we have left that age and this has little or nothing to do with the EU, but there we go.  Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be”  Peter Cook – RATBM

I don’t understand – it’s written in the sand
All those facts and lies – Washed up with the tide
If I had the chance – To know what I know now
I wouldn’t gleefully dance – On the face of the EU
No more easy access – From Paris to St Pancras
With lies written wide across a bus – The Biggest Loser’s Us
There’s no double rainbows can’t you see – The Biggest Loser’s me
I’m just so concerned – My job’s now in doubt
Half a Country spurned – To solve a Right Wing rout
The young have been betrayed – The fear in older minds
Led by the Elite – Now they’ve been left behind
No more easy access – From Paris to St Pancras
Politicians have betrayed our trust – The Biggest Loser’s Us
With lies written wide across a bus – The Biggest Loser’s Us

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