Who Cares About Brexit?

A No Deal Brexit is widely predicted to lead to food, fuel and medicine shortages and our Government is preparing for such an eventuality … except in the case of medicines, no amount of stockpiling is likely to deal with the problem.  Some drugs have limited lives. Others are imported and will face delays or will not be admitted.  People with orphan health conditions or who take unlicensed medicines from abroad will be especially affected and our system will not cope with all these exceptions.  People’s lives are at risk.  How many people do you know that rely on medication for their wellbeing or even survival?  Is this what people voted for?

“Who Cares About Brexit” is the brainchild of Wendy Novak.  We are making a film called “Who Cares About Brexit?”.  Please support us via GoFundMe.  Then do the following things:

  • Write to your MP.  Tweet them asking “Who Cares About Brexit?”
  • Join the Rage Facebook Page and share your stories
  • Sign The Independent petition at Change.org
  • Lobby the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn to get off the fence about Brexit. Do the same to the Conservative Party.  Find your MP at Write to Them
  • Contact your GP regarding the availability of your own medicines.  Ask others to do the same – raise awareness in your social circle through talking and via social media
  • Download and share the song Exit Brexit which has a pithy verse about medicine and food shortages – although the song is satirical, it makes some hard points about Brexit

DRAFT FILM – We plan to make a better one with your help

SAMPLE TWEETS : feel free to customise them or make your own.


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If you care to support our work please find us at Exit Brexit

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